2021 Travel Log

2021 Travel Log

December 2021

2021 Travel Log

A year end review of 2021 – It is hard to believe another year into this pandemic has gone by but at least it is more promising than this time last year!

After testing the travel waters during the COVID pandemic in 2020, we were hopeful for a better travel year in 2021. The beginning of the year in January and February, I was fully dedicated to the mass vaccination efforts going on throughout the world. As so as we were able to get away, we started our travel for 2021 and looking back, we are so very happy and grateful that we were able to try so many new things.

We tackled national parks with our American the Beautiful Pass, made it on our first international trip since January 2019 (Chamonix, France), and even made it to a new continent checking off a huge destination on our list. Travel was not always easy and it definitely looked different than 2019. Navigating travel restrictions, particularly abroad, can make travelers uneasy as changes occur constantly but with the proper planning and diligence, it is seamless if you are able to follow the rules outlined. Planning very far in the future was also no the in cards as most of our trips were finalized and booked just weeks before we traveled.

Each trip gave us confidence in trying something that seemed a bit more difficult and ultimately lead to traveling to a new continent and our first two week trip since February 2018 (New Zealand). Traveling in 2021 demonstrated that with enough planning, travel insurance, vaccinations, and COVID testing, the travel industry is regaining the momentum it needs to push forward into a normal 2022.

March – Hawaii (Maui and Oahu)

April – Yosemite

May – New Orleans

May – San Diego

July – Croatia (Istria Peninsula)

September – Glacier National Park

September – South Africa

October – Botswana

October – Zambia

December – Disney

A very fulfilling travel year – thank you 2021 for being more normal than 2020, teaching us flexibility and planning can pay off in enormous ways and opening us up to discovering new destinations we never even imagined. Here’s to 2022!

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