DESKRIB Travel has been making perfect itineraries for all sorts of getaways to make each trip personalized and perfect for each client. Here are testimonials from past (and returning!) clients who have used DESKRIB Travel.

“So what can I say about vacation planning by DESKRIB.  One word: AMAZING! I was in search of a family friendly vacation with 3 small children that would also provide relaxation for the tired parents as well.  Michelle did NOT disappoint.  I was provided with an ocean front family friendly resort in Myrtle Beach that fit all my families needs along with my own budgetary needs.  She also provided a list of family friendly attractions, including tips on ones we should book in advance.  I also received a list of local restaurants to try as well.  My family and I had such an amazing, relaxing trip that checked off all the boxes we were looking for and I didn’t have to do much research work which was the best part!  It was so great in fact that we are going back again this year!  Talk to Michelle for any of your travel needs and I am 100% certain you will be pleased and thankful that you did!” – Kavitha D

“Michelle is the one-stop-shop for trip planning! We are pretty inexperienced travelers who decided to visit Alaska. Michelle was able to walk us through an entire itinerary, offer advice on booking timeframes, and had all the tips and tricks needed to make the trip worthwhile. She clearly has the experience to make the most of a short timeframe. Highly recommend contacting her for your next vacation.” – Matt Q

In October of 2022, thanks to DESKRIB’s travel service, my family and I vacationed at Walt Disney World and often reference it as both a memorable and perfectly planned trip. From the start, this vacation was strategically chosen over Halloween weekend because of its overlap with the Food and Wine Festival (and not having to endure the sweltering heat at that time of year). Additionally, we stayed at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, which is positioned at walking distance between two of the four parks (a few of the reasons why it is my favorite resort on property). This trip would have been vastly different if we hadn’t utilized Michelle’s travel service. It allowed this vacation to be relaxing, memorable, satisfying, and well spent. I can’t wait to plan the next vacation using DESKRIB’s service again. Thank you Michelle!” – Stephanie D

“I used Michelle to book an international trip over a holiday weekend in September of 2022 with my family. Michelle built off of my suggestions and ENDLESS requests to create the perfect itinerary for everyone on our trip. She took the time to flesh out everything from currency conversions, time differences, travel times for our whole group, car rentals, dining suggestions, hotel accommodations and more. Receiving our trip, packaged PERFECTLY by day, with links, addresses, phone numbers, and information allowed this type-a traveler to stay present in the moment and enjoy time with family. I absolutely cannot wait to use Michelle again!” – Danielle B

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