Perfect 1 Week Itinerary for Galapagos Islands

Perfect 1 Week Itinerary for Galapagos Islands

June 2018

Perfect 1 Week Itinerary for Galapagos Islands

Words fall short of describing what an incredible trip this was  – it offers nature, wildlife, adventure, and relaxation. This is one of those places that if you were thinking about it, you should definitely plan a trip! I can say confidently that of all the travelers in Galapagos we encountered, we were definitely the ones with the shortest amount of time at 1 week. Many people were in Galapagos for at least two weeks and a large percentage of that group was spending one to three months or more in South America alone. Cursed with that American PTO, one week would have to do and I have to say, we were able to accomplish quite a bit.

For logistics, you have to fly from Ecuador into one of the islands. Then you have some decisions to make: explore from a boat or on land? Booking excursions day of or plan ahead? How much time to spend on each island? I have a very detailed post addressing these and many more questions on what to expect when visiting the Galapagos Islands. Unlike most of our trips, we did book everything ahead of time through an awesome company and I have those reasons here.

What is there to do?

There are three major islands to explore! Each one has it’s own personality and unique offerings so I think it is worth making a stop at as many as you are able. 

There is an endless supply of opportunities to see wildlife both on excursions and on the islands themselves. 

Where is there to eat? 

There are plenty of spots in the central town area to dine from traditional eats to more tourist palates. Often times, accommodations provide breakfast and the excursions provide lunch so you are not often wandering around to find food. 

I wrote up a lot of posts around this trip so make sure to read Make sure to read what to expect and what to pack (including this packing video) as well as an overview of our trip.

Based on what we did, here is a great one week itinerary for exploring the Galapagos Islands! 

Day 0EveningTravel to Baltra through Ecuador 
Day 1MorningArrival in Baltra
Transfer to Santa Cruz Island
 Afternoon“Twins” sinkholes
Manzanillo Ranch
El Garrapatero beach
Lunch at Manzanillo Ranch
 EveningHotel check in- Posada del Mar
Walked around Puerto Ayora
Kiosks on Binford- Williams
1835 Coffee Lab
Galapagos Grill- Ice Cream
Day 2MorningTortuga BayGalapagos Grill
 AfternoonBoat from Santa Cruz to San CristobalKiosks on Binford- Sazon Manabita
 EveningHotel check in- Cabanas Pimampiro
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Playa Barrio Frio
Day 3MorningExcursion to Espanola IslandBreakfast with Cabanas Pimampiro
 Afternoon Lunch provided on excursion
 EveningPlaya Mann, Interpretation CenterCalypso
Day 4MorningKicker Rock excursionBreakfast with Cabanas Pimampiro
 Afternoon Lunch provided on excursion
 EveningFrigate HillEl Descanso Marinero
Day 5MorningFlight to Isabela IslandBreakfast with Cabanas Pimampiro
 AfternoonHotel check in- Hotel Cally
Concha de Perla snorkel
Coco Surf
 EveningWall of Tears bike rideBar de Beto
Maestro de Casa
Day 6MorningSierra Negra hikeBreakfast with Hotel Cally
 AfternoonTintoreras paddle board and snorkelLunch provided on excursion
 EveningExplored Puerto VillamilCoco Surf
Day 7MorningCabo Rosa Lava TunnelsBreakfast with Hotel Cally
 AfternoonBoat ride from Isabela to Santa CruzLunch provided on excursion
 EveningHotel check in- Posada del Mar
Walked around Puerto Ayora
The Rock
Day 8MorningDarwin Research CenterGalapagos Grill

Read the full trip details here!

If you have been to Galapagos Islands before, let me know what I missed and what your favorites are!

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