Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Asheville, NC

Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Asheville, NC

April 2019

Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Asheville, North Carolina

Our third annual Beer Christmas! It was time to spread our wings beyond the Vermont craft beer region we had visited the past two years and explore. This year we chose a weekend trip to the town of Asheville, North Carolina as it is a hub for their craft beer scene. There is a part of the town where they are lined up next to either making hoping around very convenient. Downtown has some fantastic restaurants you need to take advantage of. We were lucky enough to hit an amazing Airbnb – one of those that you want to spend all your time in just enjoying yourself. If Asheville is not on your weekend getaway list, it should be now!

What is there to do?

It was Beer Christmas so our list of things to do was pretty focused on brewery hopping. That being said…

  • Brewery hopping! There are also some cideries and a place we that makes their own saki
  • Took a beer break for the group and visited the NC Arboretum – highly recommend! The grounds are beautify and there is a lot to see.
  • Explore downtown – there are some great local shops!
  • Less than two hours away are the Great Smokey Mountains – this could make for a great day trip or extension of your Asheville stay

Where to eat?

  • We loved our meal at Curate – while it was very well rated, it still exceeded our expectations for delicious tapas and service 
  • Visit Tupelo Honey for yummy fried chicken
  • Our best unexpected stop was Hole Doughnuts for freshly made to order doughy goodness 

Here is a perfect way to spend 3 days in Asheville!! 

Day 1Arrive in Asheville
Beer Christmas – breweries of choice
Day 2NC Arboretum
Walk Downtown Asheville
Day 3Beer Christmas – breweries of choice

Read the full trip details here!

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