Perfect 4 Day Itinerary for Paris, France

January 2017

Perfect 4 Day Itinerary for Paris, France

Oh Paris– we knew this was going to be one of our favorite trips. I love this itinerary so much that I am concerned we would repeat the same thing on a return visit! While I figured we would eat well on this trip, I do not think we were prepared for the gastronomic overhaul Paris exposed us to. This trip was definitely the highlight reel since we had never been to Paris before and I would love a return trip to be a deeper dive into what Paris has to offer.

What is there to do?

There are so many icons in Paris to visit and it is very possible to check them off your list in a short trip:

  • Notre Dame was devastated that the fire in April 2019, it is projected to be rebuilt by 2024 and still worth to walk by and admire the facade
  • Eiffel Tower – we loved our first view from the boat ride on Pont Neuf but do not miss the sparkle show at night 
  • Walk up to Sacre Coeur for sunrise and sit for a peaceful morning inside 
  • Visit the Louvre and Musee d’Orsey museums – both were wonderful!
  • Palais Garnier – the theater that Phantom of the Opera is based on – was a surprising treat and stunningly detailed 

Where to eat?

It pains me when someone mentions they had a bad meal or was unimpressed by the food in Paris. While some less delicious options exist in any tourist city, there is a culinary culture that you have to dig underneath to discover. Please do not

  • Do not miss the famous pastry goodness of Du Pain et Des Ideas Boulangerie – order one of the pistachio and chocolate escargot (named for the snail shape of the pastry)
  • When visiting the Louvre, stop by Juveniles Wine Bar – we had a fantastic lunch and there is a large selection on wine. We could have stayed here all day! 
  • ASPIC is your must do dinner spot – hands down, no question. We recommend this restaurant to everyone as it is not just one of the best tasting menu experiences we have had but the best value ever. When someone says they are going to Paris, we immediately respond to make reservations at ASPIC.
  • Casse Noix was a lovely, cozy option by the Eiffel Tower for traditional dishes – we did not have a reservation and were so happy they were able to sneak us in! 
  • Berthillon is a must for ice cream – stop here while wandering to the Notre Dame

Here was our complete itinerary! 

Activity Food
Tuesday Evening Flight to Paris
Wednesday Morning
Afternoon Berthillon
Evening Bateaux Vedettes du Pont Neuf
Night Frenchie’s
Thursday Morning Du Pain et Des Ideas Boulangerie
Afternoon Notre Dame

Shakespeare and Company

Le Comptoir
Evening Casse Noix
Night Eiffel Tower
Friday Morning Sacre Coeur Coquelicot
Afternoon Louvre Juveniles Wine Bar
Evening Angelina
Saturday Morning E.Dehillerin
Afternoon Palais Garnier Breizh Cafe
Evening Musee d’Orsey
Sunday Morning Flight home Ellsworth

Read the full trip details here!

If you have been to Paris before, let me know what I missed and what your favorites are!

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