The Must Have Pastry in Paris

The Must Have Pastry in Paris

January 2017

Paris, France

Fresh, crunchy baguette and huge, flaky pasties are common longings for a grab-and-go snack while wandering around Paris. We were eager to get our fill of both on this trip!


Renown pastry show Du Pain et Des Ideas Boulangerie was our breakfast of choice one of our Paris mornings. After a long walk from our Airbnb, we made it to Du Pain and it was gorgeous. The inside was appointed with lavish gold accents.


And as soon as you opened the door, the intoxicating smell of butter and freshly baked bread immediate takes over.



We got the famous pistachio and chocolate escargot (named for the snail shape of the pastry) and a chocolate croissant.


While both were deliciously flaky, the pistachio and chocolate escargot was unbelievably incredible. I do not like pistachio but this was certainly far and above one of the best pastries we have every had. We definitely would have opted for two of those instead! Du Pain certainly lived up to the hype and we can’t wait to visit Paris again in the future to have this treat once more!

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