Itinerary: Alba, Italy

Alba, Italy

When we visited Asti for the Douja d’Or festival, everyone told us to return in late fall to Alba for another gastronomic event. In search of the coveted white truffle, we traveled to Alba’s the International White Truffle Festival for a few days of gourmet delight, Piedmontese wine, and local traditions, including a donkey race!

Activity Food
Wednesday Evening Flight to Milan
Thursday Morning
Afternoon Explore Alba Voglia di Vino

La Romana

Evening Lalibera
Friday Morning Barolo Wine Tour Caffe Vergnano
Afternoon Cantina Comunale
Evening Enoclub
Saturday Morning Truffle festival Caffe Vergnano
Afternoon Festival food
Evening Barolo tasting La Piola
Sunday Morning Donkey Assignment
Afternoon Medieval Parade Voglia di Vino
Evening Palio La Romano

Osteria dell’Arco

Monday Morning Travel to Milan
Afternoon Flight home

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