Itinerary: Asti, Italy

Asti, Italy

In planning our second trip to Italy, we wanted to explore a more organic part outside of the typical tourist destinations. Coincidentally, a regional festival was occurring in Piedmont so we made Asti our base for this new area. This portion of the trip has inspired us repeatedly to seek out local festivals as one of the best ways to immerse yourself and try something new.

Activity Food
Saturday Morning Train from Camogli to Genova

Bus tour of Genova

Afternoon Train from Genova to Asti
Evening Festival della Sagra Astigiane
Sunday Morning Medieval Parade
Afternoon Douja d’Or Festival della Sagra Astigiane
Evening Piatto & Dolce d’Autore– Osteria del Diavolo
Monday Morning Piedmont Wine Tour
Afternoon Trattoria Antica Torre
Evening Piatto & Dolce d’Autore– Ristorante La Grotta
Tuesday Morning Explore Asti
Afternoon Osteria Tacabanda
Evening Douja d’Or wine tasting event Piatto & Dolce d’Autore– Il Bagatto Ristorante
Wednesday Morning Explore Asti
Afternoon Taste Vin
Evening Douja d’Or wine tasting event Piatto & Dolce d’Autore– Ristorante Bandini
Thursday Morning Train to Torino

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