Itinerary: Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

Itinerary: Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

We started and ended our trip in Galapagos on the island of Santa Cruz. Highlights of this island include encountering tortoises, exploring the pristine beaches, and enjoying downtown Puerto Ayora.

Activity Food
Friday Night Flight from JFK to GYE
Saturday Morning Flight GYE to Baltra

Arrival at Baltra Island

Transfer to Santa Cruz Island

Afternoon “Twins” sinkholes

Manzanillo Ranch

El Garrapatero beach

Lunch at Manzanillo Ranch
Evening Walked around Puerto Ayora Kiosks on Binford- Williams

1835 Coffee Lab

Galapagos Grill- Ice Cream

Sunday Morning Tortuga Bay Galapagos Grill
Afternoon Boat from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal Kiosks on Binford- Sazon Manabita

Trip continued to San Cristobal and Isabela Islands

Friday Afternoon Boat from Isabela to Santa Cruz
Evening Walked around Puerto Ayora The Rock
Saturday Morning Darwin Research Center Galapagos Grill
Afternoon Transfer to Baltra Island

Flight from Baltra to GYE

Evening Restaurant at Holiday Inn
Sunday Morning Flight from GYE to JFK

Read the full trip details here!

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