Itinerary: Paris

Paris, France

Oh Paris– we knew this was going to be one of our favorite trips. I love this itinerary so much that I am concerned we would just do the same trip! The museums were an expected enjoyment but I do not think we were prepared for the gastronomic overhaul Paris exposed us to.  I can only image the other restaurants awaiting us on our next trip!

Activity Food
Tuesday Evening Flight to Paris
Wednesday Morning
Afternoon Berthillon
Evening Bateaux Vedettes du Pont Neuf
Night Frenchie’s
Thursday Morning Du Pain et Des Ideas Boulangerie
Afternoon Notre Dame

Shakespeare and Company

Le Comptoir
Evening Casse Noix
Night Eiffel Tower
Friday Morning Sacre Coeur Coquelicot
Afternoon Louvre Juveniles Wine Bar
Evening Angelina
Saturday Morning E.Dehillerin
Afternoon Palais Garnier Breizh Cafe
Evening Musee d’Orsey
Sunday Morning Flight home Ellsworth

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