Christmas Cookie Baking

December 2017

Christmas cookie baking has deep roots in both Kevin and my families. It has always been a tradition with Kevin’s mother and grandmother each year to make hundreds cookies in a weekend bonanza and then scatter them with love throughout the holiday season. This tradition faded on my side with the passing of my nana several years ago- who was famous for all of her cookies. I was fortunate enough to get her cookie press (not the cheap plastic ones!) and Kevin was gifted a pizzelle iron last year so in our possession were the essentials for Christmas cookie baking- it was time for us to start, and continue, our own family traditions.

Cookie Line Up:

  • Pizzelle
  • Spritz/Butter
  • Chocolate Crinkle
  • Chocolate Cip



How To:


Visit my Instagram for videos on pizzelle making!



I use sugar sanding sprinkles to decorate but you can use whatever you like- get creative and personalize it. Visit my Instagram for videos on cookie press!


Screenshot 2017-12-17 at 1.16.07 PM




Cookies coming to a holiday party near you!

Hope you enjoy these easy cookie recipes- good for any time of year in my opinion.

Happy Baking and Happy Holidays!

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