Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch

 December 2017

Merry Christmas! We decided to change our traditions up this year with my family. This was my first Christmas in a few years where I would not be working the overnight shift so I figured I should take advantage while that lasts (shout out to all the healthcare workers that keep hospitals functioning 24/7 no matter the day!).

The plan was for us all to attend the Washington Crossing Christmas Day Reenactment at 1PM so Kevin and I offered to host brunch. I was off a recent “win” with Friendsgiving so I was confident that this would be successful- my hosting skills were improving. I was able to find delicious and easy recipes for just this type of occasions!

Breakfast Casserole– prepped the night before, baked morning of


I wanted to try something different than the quiche I have made in the past but I wanted an egg dish that was easy, flavorful, and healthy. This recipe definitely hit all three things. I modified slightly by taking out the bell peppers and using ground lean turkey instead of sausage. To compensate, I added more mushrooms and spinach. I was able to prepare the dish the night before and all I had to do Christmas morning was pop it in the oven.

Overnight French toast– prepped the night before, baked morning of


This recipe is always a hit. Combined with this recipe by adding vanilla extract. I recommending using Challah bread as it makes the best french toast. Super easy recipe that is prepped the night before and throw in the oven the morning you need it.

Baked Oatmeal with Blueberries and Bananas– made morning of


I saw this on Skinnytaste and knew I had to try this. While getting enough ripe blueberries this time of year was a challenge, it was well worth the investment. This was a huge hit at brunch- a little sweet thanks to honey but overall a healthy dish. I know this one will stay in the breakfast circuit! May be great for breakfast meal prep during the week.

Breakfast Potatoes– prepped the night before, baked morning of


To avoid cutting potatoes Christmas morning, I had Kevin cut them the night before and we left them in a bowl of water in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, I drained the potatoes and added onions and the seasoning in the recipe before throwing the pan into the oven. Simple and tasty!

Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad– prepped the night before, tossed morning of


My brother is a healthy eater so I wanted to provide a veggie option for brunch. After searching the internet, I found this straightforward recipe that was not just throwing fruit and a sweet vinaigrette on top of lettuce. I roasted the sweet potatoes the night before and refrigerated them overnight. In the morning, I blended the almond butter, almond milk, and dates in my Magic Bullet and created a simple protein packed dressing. To my surprise, this salad was loved by everyone!

In addition to the above, I cooked a pack of regular bacon and turkey bacon in the oven (easy clean up!). And in the spirit of not spending the morning doing dishes, I turned to my trusted fancy plastic plates and silver-plastic silverware. Since we were going to be outside in the cold for the reenactment, I also bought disposable coffee cups for all the coffee and tea not only for the meal, but to take with us- two for one and no dishes!


Although the reenacters were unable to cross the Delaware due to high winds, rough current, and low waters, it was a fun atmosphere to experience before joining extended family for Christmas dinner. We joined the rest of our family in the afternoon to continue our traditional Christmas day. It was fun to take a chance on the reenactment and even though they did not cross, I was happy to have served up a delicious and healthy meal for the family on Christmas morning!

For more brunch recipes, read Mother’s Day Brunch!

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