Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Engelberg, Switzerland

Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Engelberg, Switzerland

January 2023

Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Engelberg, Switzerland

Ever since we discovered Chamonix, we knew we wanted to experience more winter wonderlands in Europe. That trip had everything and was really the perfect getaway for both winter sport seekers and leisure travelers alike. In searching for a destination that offered similar trip, one of our favorite bloggers Girl in Florence (turned Girl in Zug) highlighted the Swiss town of Engelberg – Mountain of Angels. Tucked in the Obwalden region of Switzerland lies Swiss Alps, sled rides, and fondue waiting to be explored.

Know before you go 

  • Engelberg is situated at the in the middle of Switzerland where the Alps extend high into the sky.
  • While they speak German, Engelberg attracts many tourists so everyone speaks English. However, go into this trip with a few basic German phrases.
  • The city is very walkable so everything is nearby and there is no need to rent a car when staying in Engelberg. In fact, there is a free buses system in Engelberg. Grab a time card to familiarize yourself with the stops as the bus system that operations in the downtown areas and connects to the three mountains. These buses are free so definitely take advantage. They run during the hours the ski lifts are open so make sure to confirm those for your trip.
  • Make sure if you have a credit card with no foreign transaction fee – highly recommend getting one if not – that will be fine for your trip. There is no use for Euros in Switzerland – they operation with Swiss Francs (CHF). We had to take money out for the coin operated lockers to store our bags at the train station but the rest of the trip, credit card was accepted everywhere. 
  • The best way to get here is by train or plane if you are not driving distance. We flew into Zurich as it is the closest airport and took a train the Engelberg with transfer in Lucerne.
  • There are three mountains and multiple lifts and activities at each one – make sure you know which you are looking for to plan out your trip. We will get into details on what there is to do at each!
  • There are several different ways to purchase lift tickets and I found this to be the most confusing part to try and plan ahead of time. Ultimately I did not purchase in advance of the trip due to pending inclement weather.
  • And speaking of weather, make it a point to check conditions frequently – this website features all the lifts and what is open / closed, including webcam footage to see visibility at the tops of the mountain.
  • Starting in 2023, if you are traveling international to any country in the Schengan Zone, you will have to complete a form prior to arrival, including a 7 euro application fee, for the ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorization System.

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A note about the trains in Switzerland:

The train system in Switzerland is similar to the rest of Europe – it is an extremely reliable way to get around the country and reaches destinations you would want to visit as a tourist. The Swiss train system is extremely accurate and punctual – something that certainly made us happy for our return trip to the airport. 

You can purchase tickets in advance online or at train station kiosks.

  • If you buy tickets online, you have the option of paying for a general day ticket to use for any time on a particular rail or paying for an exact train route (super saver). 
  • We purchased super savers for our trip and did not realize it was only for that exact train and that exact time – the tickets say it needs to be used that day so I did not think it had to be that exact train time as well. It was the cheapest ticket option so it is good to know. Luckily the staff were understanding of the mix up and did not kick us of the train – we had must better luck correctly using the tickets for the return journey to the airport 
  • Buying at train station kiosks is another option. I do not know what the price difference is to purchase in this way. However, I did see validation stations at the trains which means you must validate your ticket before boarding. 

Where to stay?

Staying directly in Engelberg is ideal for this vacation. We stayed just outside of the town center in this Airbnb and it worked out great as everything is walkable. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury, definitely check out the Kempinski Palace Engelberg Titlis. Engelberg is not very big so any spot you find in town will keep you central.

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What is there to do?

Engelberg is perfect for any time of the year – from winter wonderland to lush rolling hills, there is always something to do.

  • There are three mountains to explore in Engelberg
    • Titlis – Visiting Mount Tilis is one of the”must do” attractions when visiting Engelberg, Switzerland any time of year. Going up 10,000 feet into the sky, Mount Titlis is the highest peak in central Switzerland – on a clear day, you can see for miles and even to neighboring countries. There is quite a bit of activity going on not just at the top of Mount Titlis but it is an adventure to reach it as well – it takes three gondola rides to reach the top. Mount Titlis is also home to Europe’s highest suspension bridge for even more breathtaking views of the Alps. Additionally, there are hiking / skiing trails accessible from the top, as well as the opportunity to explore an ice cave.
    • Brunni –
    • Fürenalp – While Titlis and Brunni are larger areas offering the more traditional winter mountain activities, Fürenalp has a unique experience to offer. In the wintertime, activities include sledging / tobogganing, winer hikes and snowshoeing, and even off-piste skiing for those adventurers. In the summertime, activities include numerous hiking trials, an epic via ferrata, rock climbing, and even paragliding. All year round, there is a mountain restaurant at the top that provides incredible panoramic views while enjoying Swiss specialities. Our main interest on our trip was to participate in the Sled Fondue!
  • Monastery – One of the main establishments on Engelberg is the Kloster Engelberg Benedictine Monastery. Built in 1120, this over 900 year old building plays a large part in Engelberg’s history. The first thing that grabbed my attention for Engelberg was the dedicated cheesemaking established by the monks for generations. The cows live right behind the Monastery and in non-winter times, graze on the Monastery grounds. The cheesemaking is done right inside the store and showcases the full lifecycle on how cheese is made. And the array of cheeses offered was simply overwhelming. Along with traditional wheel cheeses, they also make fondue cheese and raclette cheese. We spent quite a bit of time exploring all the options and enjoyed our visit here!
  • Summer months
    • Hiking – Switzerland is known for some incredible hiking and there are not just beautiful trails but also delicious. These alpine trails not only take hikers through epic mountain views but also cheese! In fact, the Alpkäse Trail covers all seven cheese making farms covers 47 km – but these can be broken up into smaller segments. There is also the Stansergorn hike along the ridge and the very popular Trail of the Four Lakes
    • Biking – There are mountain biking trails to take advantage of as well
    • Toboggan – On Brunni there is a summer toboggan run that is over 660 meters long which looks like a super fun activity.
    • Via Ferrata – There are five via ferrata routes of varying difficulty that can be explored in Engelberg so if it is on your bucketlist to try or you enjoy climbing, this is definitely the spot.
  • Winter months
    • Winter sporting – Of the three mountains in Engelberg, two offer amazing winter sports. Mt Titlis is ideal for skiers of all abilities – from the beginner slopes to the advanced trails all the way at the peak of the mountain- there is something for everyone. There is even a snow park for snow tubing and trails for snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing. Brunni also offers the same activities but it is a smaller mountain and conveniently located on the opposite side of Mt Titlis just across town. Both mountains also offer some gourmet experiences throughout the mountain to enjoy.
    • Sledging – A Swiss term for toboggan, these runs are located on each of the three mountains in Engelberg. The most popular is the Gerschnialp sledge run as it is over 3.5 km in length resulting in a ride lasting over 15 minutes! Some of the runs are even open at night for another way to experience the trails.
    • Ice skating and Curling – Of course there is the opportunity for indoor ice skating and curling but when it gets really cold, the lake freezes over an outdoors options are available.
  • Day trip to Lucerne – If you have extra time on your trip, Lucerne is an easy train ride away to add to your Switzerland adventure. Since the train dead ends at Engelberg, Lucerne is the closest neighboring town with lots to do but you can also extend back to Zug and zurich as well to extend your trip.

Where to eat?

Despite the small size, Engelberg has so amazing places to eat and we were fortunate enough to try a handful of them, all with delicious dishes.

  • Stop in the Engelberg Roastery for your coffee fix.
  • When you explore Brunni, make sure to hike to Flühmatt Restaurant for their famous Älplermagronen
  • Make sure to check out all the offering at Alpenclub with special attention to Restaurant Ober
  • After a long day on the mountain, hit up Apres at Ski Lodge Bar then dinner at Brasserie Konrad
  • Cheese is very popular in this alpine region. The monastery makes cheese at Monastery Cheese for take-away or can even make small cheese plates. For fondue – which is definitely a must on this trip – go to Chalet Ruinart at Kempinski Palace for a cozy and glamorous fondue experience and then take the gondola to Fürenalp for their unique sled fondue experience atop the mountain.

Here is a perfect itinerary for exploring Engelberg! 

Day 0Arrive in Engelberg
Day 1Explore Mt Titlis
Explore Downtown Engelberg
Day 2Explore Fürenalp
Visit the Monastery
Day 3Explore Brunni
Activity of choice
Day 4Depart

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