Perfect 3 Day Itinerary For Santa Barbara, CA

October 2017

Perfect 3 Day Itinerary for Santa Barbara, California

While we spent a lot of time traveling to the San Francisco area, we thought we would give some love to the southern parts of California. We really enjoy Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara region so we allocated three days of a week trip. And boy, what a gorgeous place! Beautiful scenery, tasty food, and exceptional wine- Santa Barbara is the perfect place to visit. When a wine trip in California comes up, often the northern parts of Napa and Sonoma take the headline but do not overlook Santa Barbara for your Pinot wine trip. We found it to be less expensive for wine tastings and much more relaxed. Channel your inner Sideways movie reel and start tasting!

What is there to do?

Simply relax. There is no rush in Santa Barbara.

  • Take time to enjoy the beach – we visited Hendry’s Beach and it is beautiful!
  • Go wine tasting – our favorites were Longoria and Stoplman. Most places have tasting rooms in town which means you can try many different vineyards without driving.
  • A day trip to Solvang is definitely worth it for a blast to the past

Where to eat?

There are a lot of options and with only three days, it was certainly not enough to sample everything!

  • The Hitching Post II is a classic for Santa Barbara and do not miss out on getting their Pinot Noir 

Here was our complete itinerary! 

Activity Food
Saturday Morning Flight to LAXDrive to Santa Barbara
Afternoon Hendry’s Beach The Boathouse
Evening Downtown Dune Coffee Roasters
Night The Wine Merchant
Sunday Morning Solvang The Belgian CafeSolvang Restaurant
Afternoon Longoria WineryLafond Winery

Melville Winery

Cubanissimo Food Truck
Evening The Hitching Post II
Night SY Kitchen
Monday Morning Ostrichland USA Paula’s Pancake House
Afternoon Stolpman VineyardDepart  Corner House Cafe

Read the full trip details here!


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