Solvang, California 

Solvang, California 

October 2017

Solvang, California

Numerous well rated breakfast spots led us to the town of Solvang, a preserved Danish town positioned in the middle of Santa Barbara wine country. I couldn’t stop giggling as we approached the town at 9AM- it was as if we were in an iconic EPCOT World Showcase pavilion.


We ate at The Belgian Cafe ordering traditional savory crepes- I ordered the spinach souffle while Kevin ordered the ham with cheddar- both came doused in melted cheddar cheese. In an attempt to taste the crepe, the melt cheddar easily scraped away as we enjoyed our breakfast.


We then walked the main drag, Copenhagen Dr, taking mental inventory of all of Solvang’s offerings, including multiple pastry and chocolate shops, though most of the shops did not open until after 10AM (Sunday hours).


As we finished our lap, the smell of fried dough from Solvang Restaurant pulled us in. While there was a long wait to sit for Sunday breakfast, a take out window permitted us instant access to Aebleskiver- ball shaped pancakes topped with powdered and homemade raspberry jam. That window was the best FastPass- definitely use this if you are not having a full meal and just want these goodies. And yes, they were as good as they sound.


We also returned for breakfast the next morning at the very popular Paula’s Pancake House. After the rich meal from the night before, I was certainly in an oatmeal kind of mood so I got that with a banana and toast while Kevin ordered the Danish pancakes, which ended up being thin crepe with pancake consistency.


Everything was good though I was blown away when we got the bill. Kevin’s Danish pancake combination platter was $10.25 (plus he got a coffee) so I was stunned when the bill was over $30- how much was oatmeal, toast, and a banana?? Apparently a fortune- the banana was billed at $2.95… for a banana that is $0.19 at Trader Joe’s. Look, I know we were eating out but that margin for a banana seems ridiculous. Who knew my healthy breakfast would have been such a lavish endeavor- should have just ordered a pancake! A reminder to scrutinize the menu a tad closer next time (for those interested, the oatmeal was $5.75 and the toast was $2.75).

Solvang certainly has a major tourist appeal given the preserved Danish aesthetic and the traffic later in the day definitely confirmed that but I still think it worth a trip to experience it for yourself if staying in the Santa Barbara area.

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