Visiting Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain

Visiting Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain

January 2018

Visiting Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain

One of the most iconic structures in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. Known for being chronically under construction – literally since 1882 – it is a masterpiece from the vision of Antoni Gaudí that is never complete. The church is projected to be completed in 2026 but who knows, some say it will not be done until the 2040s – that would be over 150 years of construction!

When planning to visit the Sagrada Familia it is highly recommended to reserve your time slot online (in fifteen minute intervals- ours was 10AM to 10:15AM entrance time). We had our pick of days and times when we booked a few weeks before our trip. I have heard during high seasons, booking farther out is required. 

Ascending the metro, we nearly caused a pedestrian pile-up as we couldn’t help gazing at the magnificent Sagrada Familia before us.


In an attempt not to spoil moments like these, we try not to view any photos of attractions ahead of time. Even though it is still under construction, the exterior facade is striking. Perhaps it is because it is so different than the European churches of which we have grown accustomed. It is colorful on the tops of the spires (what to us resembled food or fruit) and abstract but completely covered in biblical scenes. Once inside, our jaw continued to drop- it was absolutely enormous inside and nothing like we have ever seen before.


We learned from an informative video that the exterior is meant to be a living Bible, which should become evident to travelers familiar with Christian theology. The inside is depicted as a living forest with the pillars as trees and the canopy on the ceiling. What impressed us most were the brilliant colors that reflected throughout the church as we sat observing the rainbow of colors through the brilliant stain glass. Needless to say, we greatly enjoyed our time of observation and contemplation here.


We highly recommend visiting Sagrada Familia on your trip to Barcelona. It is unlike any church we had ever seen in Europe and is a marvel for architecture and colors.

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