Dining Review: Panier des 4 Saisons – Chamonix, France

Dining Review: Panier des 4 Saisons – Chamonix, France

January 2020

Panier des 4 Saisons – Chamonix, France

Our final meal in Chamonix! This was one of the first meals I reserved due to high reviews and an awesome looking menu so I was hopefully we would leave Chamonix on a high note.

Located in the center of town, Panier des 4 Saisons is tucked away down an alley behind the row of store fronts. We arrived early for our reservation but they took us in no problem. The warmth of the inside hit us as we took in the ambiance – it was like being inside a cabin at home. This was our type of scene for sure.


We took our last opportunity to order a nice bottle of French wine without the mark up we see at home with a Crozes-Hermitage. This takes us right back to our wine trip through Lyon just a few months prior. So delectable!


After we put our food order in, we were brought an amuse bouche of cauliflower soup with truffle oil.


Oh this had no right to be so delicious! The truffle oil was not overpowering as it is very easy to put too much truffle oil, especially with a portion this small. And the french really know how to work those veggies- the cauliflower was great. If this was a sign of the meal ahead, we were going to have a wonderful dinner.


Pumpkin Broth accompanied by a Smoked Bacon Flavored Chantilly, Potatoes Chips

Kevin chose to do the pre-fix three courses which included choice to appetizer, dish of the day, and a dessert. This appetizer had his name written all over it with pumpkin, smoked bacon flavors and potatoes chips. It was both savory and creamy so it was spot on with the texture. The bacon and chips had a mild kick to it adding to the flavor profile that was balanced out by the Chantilly. A great appetizer!


Duck Foie Gras, one Pan Fried and one Terrine, served with Exotic Coulis and Crystallized Onion

What is better than one delicious foie gras but two? There is something magical about pan fried foie gras. And the terrine had the perfect creamy consistency. I carefully assembled the two foie gras onto the toast with some of the onions to make the perfect foie gras toast. I could have easily had another plate of this it was perfect.


Dish of the day – chicken

Kevin went with the dish of the day, chicken. I know chicken gets a bad name but typically there are only so many different ways to prepare chicken so it can get boring. He really enjoyed the chicken he had a La Fine Bouche for lunch so he was optimistic. This dish came out looking quite divine, full of vegetables and potatoes topped with an enormous chicken breast. It was perfectly cooked, not dry at all. The au jus was the perfect amount of flavor to pull the entire dish together, caramelized savory goodness. Wonderful dish of the day!


Goats Cheese Ravioli, in a Leek Fondue, with a Light Parmesan Butter Sauce

Pasta, goat cheese, leeks, and parmesan? There was no way this was going to be a bad choice. It is listed as an appetizer but I wanted it as my entree, which ended up working perfectly. This dish was every bit delicious as I was hoping for – it honestly was fantastic. Creaminess of the parmesan sauce, the strong tartness of goat cheese, the freshness of homemade pasta – all the noms. A must get as well for your meal at Panier!


We were then presented with complementary French digestifs – a fun surprise! Though after a bottle of wine I was certainly not looking to get boozed up. I wish I recalled what this was but it was actually not repulsive. There was a mint quality to it that made it more refreshing than burning so it was more enjoyable than not!


Hot Chocolate Soufflé, served with Mango Fruit Sorbet

Kevni’s pre-fix menu came with dessert and since we were sharing, we paid the small up charge for the souffle. And boy was it hot when it arrived to the table – we had to give it several minutes to even taste it without burning our tongues. The top layer was fluffy and the bottom layer was dense. It was not very sweet but more bitter chocolate tasting which made it very enjoyable. A great dessert to end the meal!


We walked home amazed by the surrounding mountains – it was going to be difficult to explain this one to people but I think this is one of the places you simply have to experience yourself. This meal was the perfect end of our Chamonix adventure and I highly, highly recommend making a reservation here at Panier des 4 Saisons.

Read about the rest of our Chamonix trip here!

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