Flying Trapeze with Trapeze School of New York- Brooklyn and Pier 40

Flying Trapeze with Trapeze School of New York- Brooklyn and Pier 40

Trapeze School of New York- Brooklyn and Pier 40

My brother had gone with co-workers for a flying trapeze lesson in San Francisco and watching the videos of him doing it was both hilarious and impressive- it looked like such fun! After both Kevin and I expressing “That would be cool to try”, my brother took the opportunity to buy a class for us as a Christmas gift- always watch what you ask for!

We finally had a free weekend and booked a two hours session for an all level flying trapeze class at Trapeze School of New York. Instructed to bring comfortable clothes and socks, we arrived 15 minutes before the 1:30PM class start and changed into our gym clothes. We were also instructed to remove all wrist, ear, neck, and hand jewelry (watches included), and plastic hair accessories. Ready to go, we waited for the rest of the group of ten for the session (another couple and a party of 11-year-old girls) to arrive.

We met our team of instructors and got our belts fitted (nice and snug) then we were given the basics for flying. The group would be performing the knee hang position- just think about the monkey bars and hanging upside down by your knees. This is the first and most basic move that you learn.


“READY!” (bends knees slightly) and “HUP!” (leap from the platform and fly) were the cadence by the instructors once you got into the stance and were ready to jump. A quick demo on the floor, we were assigned our spots in line (separating groups so everyone can take video of each other) and off we went. Second on this list, the first 11-year-old got to the top and decided she did not want to go first, which meant I was up to be the first one to fly.

As I climbed the wobbly ladder to the platform, the excitement instantly turned to petrifying fear- why on earth am I doing this???


Once at the top of the platform and strapped in, I grab the bar with my right hand while my left hand was grounded on the platform. “Move your left hand to the bar” said the instructor holding my belt behind me… frozen… I could not take my left hand into leaving the safety of the platform… deep breath… looking straight at the bar and not the ground below me… I grabbed the bar with both hands.

With both hands on the bar, bar above my shoulders, and hips thrusted forward, I heard my “READY”- bent my knees- then “HUP!- and I jumped. The fear then shape shifted into exhilaration- adrenaline of flying through the air! I heard the instructor on the ground then guide me through the choreography “KNEES UP” (knees up and over the bar) “HANDS OFF” (letting go of the bar and handing upside down) and several other maneuvers to then get you off the bar (including a backward flip).

We each got to go six times, two times with each routine- the knee hang, the knee hang with backward flip dismount, the knee hang with a partner catch). We love trying new things and this certainly checked off that box. It was so so fun and I cannot wait to try it again. In fact, we have returned several times and are enjoying learning several new tricks including heels up and straddle wipe. We love the Pier 40 location even better- just look at that view!


The staff was all extremely friendly, encouraging and fun to work with. Everyone there made sure that safety was a number one priority and that no matter your ability level, that you had fun. We highly recommend this as a fun activity to get you trying new things and outside of your comfort zone!

Watch full videos that can be found on my instagram!

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