Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY

June 2017

Brooklyn, New York

There has been a buzz about Brooklyn that we have been unable to ignore- the rush of millennials into the area, the constant opening of new stores and restaurants, how the prices of apartments are rivaling NYC. We knew a trip here would be inevitable for us and since my brother gave us a reason to go (a gift card for our activity for the day), we planned a day trip to Brooklyn.

Breakfast: Juice Generation

We needed a light meal that would fill us but not weigh us down. Our first option, Freehold, was going to be too tight time wise for our afternoon activity. As we were driving around for a parking spot, a couple at the cross walk held cups and bowls filled with bright liquid- smoothies were near by. We located Juice Generation for our breakfast needs. Kevin ordered Mr. Greengenes- spinach, kale, mango, banana and almond milk, and I ordered PB Acai bowl with peanut butter, cacao, banana, strawberries and granola. We also got a cacao baked donut, which was very yummy and we learned after was gluten free and vegan! These items were the perfect start to our morning! I would love to have one of these in my area. To Kevin’s surprising delight, there was also a Blue Bottle Coffee along the way (very SF)!


Trapeze School of New York

My brother had gone with co-workers for a flying trapeze lesson in SF and watching the videos of him doing it was both hilarious and impressive- it looked like such fun! After both Kevin and I expressing “That would be cool to try”, my brother took the opportunity to buy a class for us as a Christmas gift- always watch what you ask for! We finally had a free weekend and booked a two hours session for an all level flying trapeze class at Trapeze School of New York. Instructed to bring comfortable clothes and socks, we arrived 15 minutes before the 1:30PM class start and changed into our gym clothes. We were also instructed to remove all wrist, ear, neck, and hand jewelry (watches included), and plastic hair accessories. Ready to go, we waited for the rest of the group of ten for the session (another couple and a party of 11-year-old girls) to arrive. We met our team of instructors and got our belts fitted (nice and snug) then we were given the basics for flying. A quick demo on the floor, we were assigned our spots in line (separating groups so everyone can take video of each other) and off we went. Second on this list, the first 11-year-old got to the top and decided she did not want to go first, which meant I was up to be the first one to fly. As I climbed the wobbly ladder to the platform, the excitement instantly turned to petrifying fear- why on earth am I doing this??? Once at the top of the platform and strapped in, I grab the bar with my right hand while my left hand was grounded on the platform. “Move your left hand to the bar” said the instructor holding my belt behind me… frozen… I could not take my left hand into leaving the safety of the platform… deep breath… looking straight at the bar and not the ground below me… I grabbed the bar with both hands. “READY!” (bends knees slightly) and “HUP!” (leap from the platform and fly) were the cadence by the instructors once you got into the stance and were ready to jump. With both hands on the bar, bar above my shoulders, and hips thrusted forward, I heard my “READY”- bent my knees- then “HUP!- and I jumped. The fear then shape shifted into exhilaration- adrenaline of flying through the air! I heard the instructor on the ground then guide me through the choreography “KNEES UP” (knees up and over the bar) “HANDS OFF” (letting go of the bar and handing upside down) and several other maneuvers to then get you off the bar (including a backward flip). We each got to go six times, two times with each routine- the knee hang, the knee hang with backward flip dismount, the knee hang with a partner catch). We love trying new things and this certainly checked off that box. It was so so fun and I cannot wait to try it again. The staff was all extremely friendly, encouraging and fun to work with. Everyone there made sure that safety was a number one priority and that no matter your ability level, that you had fun. We highly recommend this as a fun activity to get you trying new things and outside of your comfort zone!




Watch full videos that can be found on my instagram by following mi_maloney.

Dinner: Pies’n’Thighs

In need for refueling after the flying, we made our way to Pies’n’Thighs for southern comfort cooking. When we arrived at 5PM for opening, we noticed about a dozen of people waiting outside for the opening as well. Taking a peek inside, there were roughly eight tables visible in the tiny space, so we were nervous we would have to wait for a seat. Luckily, when we were seen in we were brought through two other rooms that the restaurant owns that triples the capacity we originally predicted. Kevin and I split a Fried Chicken Box that had three pieces of chicken, a Buttermilk Biscuit and a side, we picked Mac’n’Cheese, and also ordered additional sides of Burnt End Baked Beans and a piece of Cornbread for us to share. It was the perfect meal for the afternoon as everything was delicious and comforting. We ate ‘lightly’ since we needed to save room for pies. I got the Banana Cream Pie and Kevin got the Bourbon Pecan Pie- both of which were amazing.


A quick day trip that will turn into many more! We adored walking the streets of the Williamsburg neighborhood and can tell the west coast SF vibe that was described and why Brooklyn is so up and coming (or already there). We definitely looked into other locations that we are excited to try, including the Brooklyn Brewery. We had allotted time for a tour here but the line outside the place was way too long (free tours and popular brew on a beautiful Saturday- should have known better!) for the carved out time slot. On our next trapeze adventure, where in Brooklyn should we hit? I know we have only scratched the surface!


Activity Food
Morning Drive to Brooklyn Juice Generation

Blue Bottle Coffee

Afternoon Trapeze School of New York
Evening Drive home Pies’n’Thighs

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