Best Pastry in Barcelona, Spain

Best Pastry in Barcelona, Spain

January 2018

Best Pastry in Barcelona, Spain

I feel it is my responsibility to tell the world about an instant favorite spot in Barcelona.

We were desperate for breakfast that was not from a chain bakery so we went searching for a local shop. Around the corner from our Airbnb is Forn de Pa Tur bakery. 

We peaked through the window and we saw a lady working the counter with her hair tied back with a scarf and a floral apron- I knew this would be good.

The displays were full of beautifully crafted pastries and baguettes- a wide variety of offerings to please anyone from breakfast to lunch.

I got a flaky chocolate stuffed pastry and Kevin got a spiral cream filled and powder covered one, much like the ones we had in Paris. Both were exceptional and I have to say the chocolate in mine was so decadent. Breakfast (or dessert- you decide) was an instant win-win! Inside my chocolate delight was a chocolate cream that was the perfect combination of flavor and texture. 


We loved it so much we returned on our last day in Barcelona as well. Would have returned every morning but they were closed the other days! This is something to always be mindful of when traveling and have a must-do location- make sure there are hours when you intent to go!

We awoke and packed our bags before heading out to the streets of the Gothic Quarter and Born neighborhoods. On our last walk out, we noticed Forn de Pa Tur was once again open and we were unable to resist walking in. Having two chocolate filled pastries left,  we grabbed both- one now and one for later for a wonderful treat before the flight home. 


You must hit this spot when in Barcelona!

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