Visiting the top of Mount Titlis – Engelberg, Switzerland

Visiting the top of Mount Titlis – Engelberg, Switzerland

January 2023

Visiting the top of Mount Titlis – Engelberg, Switzerland

Visiting Mount Tilis is one of the”must do” attractions when visiting Engelberg, Switzerland any time of year. Going up 10,000 feet into the sky, Mount Titlis is the highest peak in central Switzerland – on a clear day, you can see for miles and even to other countries.

There is quite a bit of activity going on not just at the top of Mount Titlis but it is an adventure to reach it as well – it takes three gondola rides to reach the top. Mount Titlis is also home to Europe’s highest suspension bridge for even more breathtaking views of the Alps. Additionally, there are hiking / skiing trails accessible from the top, as well as the opportunity to explore an ice cave.

It is very important to prioritize your best weather day to visit the top of Mount Titlis to ensure you get the most out of your visit. If it is difficult to tell, there are webcams that show visibility at the top but also know weather conditions can frequently change. When we visited in January, the weather during our trip was not ideal for visibility so when the chance presented itself, we made the quick decision to head up. The ticket to visit is not cheap so for most, paying for a second opportunity to visit the top of Mount Titlis is not an option. While the webcam showed poor visibility, it just didn’t make sense given how clear it was in the sky. We took the risk and hoped for the best as we started our journey 10,000 feet into the sky. 

It takes three gondola rides to reach the top to reach the 10,000 ft elevation. The tickets cost 77 CHF which seems steep but it does cover the cost of the three gondola rides, all the activities at the top of Mt Titlis, as well as admission to the Snow Park at Trübsee for winter time visitors. Since going for the sweeping views of the Alps is certainly the reason you visit the top of Mt Titlis, that is why visiting when visibility is clear is so important. Of all the activities to do in Engelberg, this is by far the one that should be prioritized on the best weather day. Visiting takes a few hours so it is easy to pair with another activity for the day. 

The first gondola takes visitors to Trübsee where there is access to many ski routes / hiking trails as well as the Snow Park. The Snow Park has balancer, minibobs and snowtubes. Due to the lack of snow, the signs indicated it was closed on our visit but it is included in the Titlis ticket. The views from this gondola were beautiful as the town of Engelberg got smaller and the mountains got larger. 

The second gondola goes from Trübsee to Stand. If you are coming from the bottom, you simply stay on the first gondola to continue up to mountain. This is where the views really started to wow us. The view started to expand beyond the Engelberg mountains and into the entire Swiss Alps mountain range. 

The third gondola takes visitors to the very top of Mt Titlis. The gondola, known as TITLIS Rotair is the first revolving cable car in the world. This 360 degree rotating gondola gives sweeping views for miles – even to neighboring countries! The journey to the top of Mt Titlis is really amazing. 

We had no one in the gondolas with us and very few visitors in the final gondola – I am sure during peak season and during a regular ski season this gondola is packed with guests. The ski slopes that were open had very few people on them. Perhaps it was because it was a Thursday, perhaps it was the no snow, but for now, it was nice to not have crowds and having Titlis to ourselves. 

We emerged from the last gondola and evaluated our options. There were five floors to explore and since the conditions outside were perfect for visibility, I wanted to do those activities first to ensure we did not miss the opportunity. We started on the 5th floor and headed directly for the Titlis Cliff Walk. 

Floor 5 / Cliff Walk 

While it was freezing outside, the views took the attention away from the cold. The terrace had various viewing locations that included way finding signed for neighboring counties and various peaks in the Alps, as well as view finders to get a better look at the sweeping peaks. 

We walked along the path following signs to the Cliff Walk. We were once again pleasantly surprised that visibility was crystal clear and we had it practically to ourselves. This is definitely the most popular attraction in Engelberg and for good reason. Views from this walkway were unbelievable. Though taking a few photos meant your hands turned to ice so it was good to not feel rushed – take a few photos, warm the hands back up, and take a few more. 

The Cliff Walk also offers a photo opportunity that we took advantage of – it does make for a great portrait. As we were finishing up, we noted several fighter jets zoom over the Alps in the distance and make the most epic sounds as it cascaded throughout the mountain peaks. We stuck around a little longer and another set came through again. It was so cool to watch and hear.

The walk back to the building was super windy so we hurried back inside to start exploring the rest of Mount Titlis. 

Another activity to do from this area is the Ice Flyer which was unfortunately closed during our visit. This open chair lift takes visitors across the Titlis glacier and while it is snowy in the wintertime, the summertime you can see into the glacier which sounds very cool.

Floor 4 / Photo Studio

We stopped here to pick up our photo from the Cliff Walk – it is such a great photo op so we did not feel bad purchasing this photo. How often do you get on one else obstructing the photo? 

Floor 3 and 2 / Restaurants and Shopping

Floor 1 / Glacier Cave 

The first floor features the Glacier Cave which is a walk through (or slide through) experience. This was very reminiscent of the Glacier Cave experience in Chamonix. We were once again alone during this walk through and enjoyed taking our time going through the glacier. There were various photo opportunities to enjoy. There were definitely some points where the ceiling was on the lower site so watch your head if you are taller than six foot. 

We were beyond thrilled at how successful visiting the Top of Tilts was for us. As we made our way back to the gondola, we could see that clouds had started to roll in and the view was certainly not as perfect as it was a few hours ago. Conditions change quickly so make sure when you think it is a good time, act on it! 

Visiting Mount Titlis is definitely a highlight when visiting Engelberg any time of year! Just make sure to keep a close eye on the weather forecast to ensure you give yourself to best opportunity to get the most out of your journey 10,000 feet into the sky among the peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Continue reading about our trip to Engelberg, Switzerland here!

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