Dining Review: Aglio e Oglio Mare – Palau, Sardinia

Dining Review: Aglio e Oglio Mare – Palau, Sardinia

July 2022

Dining Review: Aglio e Oglio Mare – Palau, Sardinia

I always make sure to spend a bit more time vetting spots for birthday dinners cause I want them to be perfect, no matter what we order. I found Aglio e Oglio Mare last minute in the planning process and was happy to have found it – the reviews were very good but without a large number of reviews. I had the feeling this may have been a newer and upcoming spot – DESKRIB discovery unlocked!

We arrived at a beautiful front that had the entire inside open to the outside as well as outdoor seating. We were seated just on the inside next to the outdoor seating and they had all the walls opened making it a giant outdoor space. The interior was very well decorated and there were many servers flying around – I had a good feeling about this meal.

We examined the menu and made a few key choices before starting our dining experience. We asked for a recommendation for wine and brought a bottle of Tercis’s Rudia Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Superiore along with bread service including that delicious Sardinian bread that we love. 

Fritturina Algio e Oglio (baccala, gamberetti, sadine, polpette e calamari)

Mixed fried baccala, shrimps, sardines, meatballs, and squid

This platter had such a wow factor when it was brought to the table – just a beautiful display of seafood! There was so much to choose from and made for a great grazing board with just enough of everything. Nothing was over fried to ruin the seafood and everything tasted fresh and tender. We were so happy with our choice to start out with the platter. We saw a few other platters go around the restaurant – including one of all raw seafood which looked equally delicious – so definitely recommend getting one of these when you visit. 

Tagliolino Aglio, Oglio e Mare (aglio, olio, calamari, gamberi e zucchine)

Fresh pasta with garlic, oil, prawns, and zucchini

After regretting my decision the previous night, I didn’t want to repeat it so I got their version of the pasta with seafood and zucchini. It did not disappoint! It looks so simple but it was full of flavor. It was perfectly garlicky and oily and the fresh homemade pasta was exactly what I was in the mood for – I barely spoke because I was so into this pasta. I loved everything about this dish.

Fregola Sarda ai Frutti di Mar

Typical Sardinian seafood pasta 

This traditional shaped pasta reminded me of what is in a soup and the gravy had a thinner consistency to match that vision. The broth was savory and herby which complemented the seafood well. All the seafood was cooked perfectly. I loved everything about this dish.

Dessert – Seada al Miele and Birthday Cake! 

The staff here were so amazing that when I booked mentioning it was Kevin’s birthday, they insisted on a surprise cake and boy did they deliver. Not only was the cake amazing but they included a giant sparkler candle. This was so special and the cake was delicious. We took the cake home with us to nom on for the rest of the trip.

What an incredible dining experience at Aglio e Oglio Mare! Everything was wonderful from the service to each item of food and to the staff making Kevin’s birthday extra special. If you are looking for a place to eat in downtown Palau, make a reservation at Algio e Oglio Mare. 

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