Dining Review: Buvette Scott – Quebec City, Quebec – Canada

Dining Review: Buvette Scott – Quebec City, Quebec – Canada

February 2022

Dining Review: Buvette Scott – Quebec City, Quebec – Canada

Dining at Buvette Scott came highly recommended. Showing up on “must eat” lists for Quebec City, our Airbnb host, and our Uber driver from the airport – I was happy to have snagged a reservation ahead of our trip for this popular table.

We arrived to a bopping dining room, had our vaccination cards checked, and seated a a cozy table. The vibe was casual but also gave an upscale and chic one. The menu was very simple, offering many different small plate, tapas like options and a few larger ones as well. We love dining in places that allow for you to experience a large majority of the menu.

For wine, we asked for a recommendation and we were so happy we did as we learned about Quebec wine! We had no idea there was a prosperous wine region right here in Quebec and were so happy to have the opportunity to have one here. We ordered the Les Pervenches La Couchant 2020 Charnonnay which was delicious! Now we need to come back here to explore the wine region.

Novia Scotia Oysters

Our server spoke very highly of the oysters so we dug right in. These were a great size and had a great salty flavor.

Freshly made sour dough bread

While we never like to pay for bread, I knew we would want it as a side for the rest of the meal and it was very good sourdough bread so I am glad we ordered it.

Duck Ham

Small pieces of cured meat presented on the plate. We had not had duck in this way before and it was quick tasty! Could have easily ate another plate of this.

Fried brussels, tomato, olive, pecorino

Oh this was so delicious. Charred brussel sprouts with grated pecorino but what really did it for me was the fried olives which tasted like bacon bites. And I am not a fan of olives but this worked very well. Delicious dish!

Corn chowder, mussels, oysters, celery, potatoes 

The perfect cold weather food and this was full of flavor. the sweetness of the corn with the saltiness of the mussels and the oysters – it was very well balanced and executed.

Celeriac, octopus, white turnip, lemon dulse

Galette des rois with Domaine de Souch Cuvée Monplaisir 2020 Jurancon

We were having such a nice meal and with the wine gone, when our server asked about an after dinner drink it was the rare occasion where I was all in. I love late harvest wine so this was a nice treat. The galette des rois was a delightful dessert full of flaky pastry layers paired with ice cream. A great way to end the night!

Overall we had a wonderful night dining at Buvette Scott! The service was also wonderful and our server was so awesome, chill, and knowledgeable. Everything we are was delicious and can see why it is so well rated and comes recommended.

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