Visiting Bushkill Falls, PA

July 2021

Visiting Bushkill Falls, PA

Known as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania”, Bushkill Falls is one of the highlights of the Delaware Water Gap area. The falls are set up as a tourist attraction with a network of trails and boardwalks taking visitors around the various falls. What is nice is you can choose to do as little or as much walking and spend as little or as much time there as your schedule allows. It is an $18 admission for adults so I would recommend you get your money’s worth and hang out for awhile.

On our visit in November 2020 to the Delaware Water Gap, we visited around lunch time for an hour and a half and we ended up walking the entire trail to see all eight waterfalls. There is such a good variety of scenery on this walk – from the forest and gentle rivers to the gushing waterfalls to tranquil hilltops. Even though we visited during the pandemic, there were areas where it was jam packed with people – I can only imagine how bonkers it can get here. We were disappointed as we just missed the fall foliage period but better planning would have made this an even more beautiful landscape.

We really had a great time here! It worked perfectly in our day after a nice long hike in the morning and a lovely breakfast to unwind and enjoy Bushkill Falls.

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