Ma’ili (Pink) Pillbox Trail – Oahu, Hawaii

March 2021

Ma’ili (Pink) Pillbox Trail – Oahu, Hawaii

There are many great trails on Oahu but I was looking for something close to our resort in Ko’olina which was a bit more challenging.

Less than 15 minutes away is Ma’ili (Pink) Pillbox – a 2 mile trail with about 600 feet elevation gain would make for a great morning workout before relaxing on the beach and pool all day. We left early in hopes of seeing a sun rise and while we could not see the sun actually rise, we were treated to a lovely sky and watching to town below wake up.

The trail is basically a one mile hike uphill the 600 feet then back down. There are some tricky rock parts but I just went on my hands and figured it out.

At the top are several pill boxes (there are plenty of them around Oahu to climb if you are interested) that you can explore – one of which is painted pink. The others are graffiti-ed but are done so well!

Just be careful as the ledges and rocks are steep and there have been accidents so just be a smart hiker. If you are staying nearby or in the Ko’olina area, this is a great spot to get a good workout in the morning.

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