La Jolla – San Diego, California

October 2020

La Jolla – San Diego, California

Our last full day in San Diego! This morning we headed up to La Jolla for some early morning kayaking, downtown exploration, and tidal pools.

We started the day with a two hour cave kayak tour with La Jolla Kayak. While it was a fun way to spend the morning, it was a but disappointing. From the description it seemed as if we would be in small groups exploring the numerous caves on the shoreline. We were in large groups and alongside several other tour groups on the water so it was mobbed and we only saw one cave that we were pushed/pulled into. The cave was cool but this was not worth the money. The guides were great and we got to see some great wildlife (though there was one dingdong what swam off this kayak to the sea lions – too bad they didn’t get fiesty and nip him) but I would not classify this as eco-friendly. I also got wickedly seasick from all the not kayaking we did – it was a lot of just sitting in the boat at a stand still. I would say we have been spoiled by our kayaking this year in Maine and Alaska but this on its own was disappointing.

We were all starving when we finally got off the water and after asking for some recommendations and consulting my Google stars, we landed on Shorehouse Kitchen. They had plenty of outdoor and distanced seating. To start, the menu was fantastic! It was so difficult for all of us to decide what to order – even choosing between going breakfast or lunch was a challenge.

  • Roasted Turkey, Arugula & Goat Cheese Melt – Grilled Sourdough, Cranberry Dijon, Swiss Cheese, Bacon (bottom left)
  • Maple Fried Chicken Breakfast Sandwich – All natural chicken breast, Sunnyside up Farm Egg, Maple Dijon Aioli, Baby Arugula, Honey Cured Bacon, Aged White Cheddar, Brioche Bun, Served with your choice of Side (top left)
  • California Omelet – Asparagus, Mushroom, Basil; Topped with an Arugula Salad and Creamy Goat Cheese (bottom right)
  • Egg White & Organic Tofu Frittata – Seasonal Roasted Vegetables, Brussels Sprouts; Topped with Seared Tofu and an Arugula Salad with Lemon Zest & Feta Cheese (top right)

Everything we ordered here was delicious and on top of that, the portions were large and the prices were super reasonable, especially for this area. Highly recommend!

We drove from the Shores of La Jolla to the Village, which felt like the “fancier” part of town. I had my eye set on grabbing something… you guessed it… ice cream! Bobboi is very well rated gelato with classic and unique flavors. Kevin and I were both blown away the flavors were fantastic in capturing and extracting the intensity of the flavors! A must stop while visiting the Village of La Jolla.

Walking down towards the cliffs a walkway wraps around the coast line. Though it was still a bit foggy, we were able to enjoy the view, including countless pelicans on the cliffs and sea lions on the rocks. It was hard to miss Children’s Pool Beach with the dramatic shape but what was really fun were the La Jolla Tide Pools. The tide was perfect for us to explore the mini pools, the cracks the the rocks, and the ecosystems stuck inside. It is one giant science project! All sorts of fish, hermit crabs, crabs, even a small octopus, and every sort of shell and rock formation all on this small scale. Make sure you time your visit with the tide calendar to get the best possible experience.

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