Dining Review: Kindred Fare – Geneva, NY

Dining Review: Kindred Fare – Geneva, NY

July 2020

Dining Review: Kindred Fare – Geneva, NY

When getting into FLX Table was looking grime, I wanted to find an alternative that we would be excited about. In my search I found farm to table styled Kindred Fare located just outside of downtown Geneva.

The interior was really fun and played heavily on the farm to table theme with accents of wood, glass, and metal all around. COVID precautions were good here. We watched tables turn over, everyone wore masks properly, table settings were brought out after being seated and menus were disposable.


Speak of menus, this menu was awesome! And in addition they always have a few specials to add on. The specialty here seemed to be small plates. They had many variations that seems to cater to ordering a bunch of items to share which is exactly our dining style. Neither of us were in a heavy eating mood so we were a bit more conservative ordering than we normally are but still got a good sampling.

We started off with a cheese plate. After passing up on a few at the wineries since we expected to have proper lunches (but then didn’t), I was in the mood for a cheese plate.


The cheese plate came with three cheese, all local in New York

  • lively run, blue yonder, cow
  • reverie creamery, alpine porter, cow
  • lively run, gold reserve, goat

We enjoyed them all but I think the favorite was the goat – it was so creamy! I think they cam up the game by including a few more accompaniments because the cheeses were a great portion and variety so that would make it perfect.

Entrees were a tough call. They have a house made daily pasta that I wanted to get. They have several sandwiches that looked incredible but enormous. And then fried chicken! We had a tough time deciding.


We ordered the Tomato & Cucumber Salad
(local lettuce greens, basil vinaigrette,
stony brook pepitas) to split. It was stuffed with large tomatoes, cucumbers, seeds and a citrus vinaigrette. It was nice to have some greens!

I ordered the Bacon & Mushroom Flatbread with garlic herb oil and Swiss cheese.

My, my! I loved the dough – had a good thickness and crunch to it. The bacon was more like hunks of panchetta which was welcomed. I would have like more mushrooms as they were tough to find but the overwhelming garlic flavor due to the oil was delicious.

Kevin ordered the Cornmeal Crusted Spicy Chicken (bone-in chicken, cucumber pickles, honey hot sauce, tangy slaw).


Just look at it glisten! I so wanted to try some but I knew it would annihilate my tongue. Kevin loved this chicken. The breading was awesome that provided both flavor and crunch. The chicken itself was moist and juicy. And the spice level was just right to keep you coming back for more.

We opted out of dessert as nothing caught our eye and instead went on an ice cream tasting adventure.

Read about that and the rest of our Finger Lakes trip here!

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