Perfect Weekend Itinerary for Finger Lakes, NY

Perfect Weekend Itinerary for Finger Lakes, NY

July 2016

Perfect Weekend Itinerary for Finger Lakes, New York

You know those places that the trip plans itself? Well Finger Lakes in the summer time is just that! Not only do you have outdoor activities such as hiking Watkins Glen State Park and water activities along the lake like kayaking, but there is also an escape to wine and beer. One of our favorite Riesling wines is from one of the vineyards we visited and at the time, was just starting out. Kevin still talks about the roast beef sandwich from Two Goats. You can mix and match vineyards and breweries of your choosing. And this was out first time using Airbnb – and we hit the jackpot with this one. Such a fun weekend trip to do as a date weekend, girls weekend, boys weekend, don’t need an excuse weekend!

What is there to do?

While you can visit in the cooler months, there are a lot of outdoor activities that benefit warmer climate

  • Get up early and go hike Watkins Glen State Park
  • Take a boat out on the lake
  • Go wine tasting! Our absolute favorite is Boundary Breaks
  • Visit a brewery
  • Add another lake onto your trip or stop by nearby Ithaca

Where to eat?

  • Before you hiking Watkins Glen State Park, grab a breakfast sandwich at Glen Mountain Market
  • Do not miss jazz brunch at Stonecat
  • And I can’t forget to mention Kevin’s favorite roast beef sandwich at Two Goats Brewing

Here was our complete itinerary! 

Activity Food
Friday Night Drive to Finger Lakes
Saturday Morning Watkins Glen State Park Glen Mountain Market
Afternoon Wine Tasting

  • Boundary Breaks Winery
  • Lamoreaux Landing Winery
Two Goats Brewing
  • Atwater Vineyards
  • Damiani Winery
Silo Food Truck
Sunday Morning Enjoy time on the lake

Drive home

Stonecat Cafe

Read the full trip details here!

If you have been to the Finger Lakes before, let me know what I missed and what your favorites are!

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