Dining Review: Worthy Kitchen – Woodstock, New Hampshire

Dining Review: Worthy Kitchen – Woodstock, New Hampshire

October 2019

Dining Review: Worthy Kitchen – Woodstock, NH

We arrived at Worthy Kitchen shortly after 6:30PM to quite a mob scene. The parking lot was jam packed and the line was out the door! Luckily, the ice cream held us over and we were not knocking the door down for food – we simply waited. If the line was any indicator, this was the right place to be.


The boys made their way into the restaurant to the bar to get beers for the wait. What drew Kevin to Worthy Kitchen was the killer craft beer list, including some of his New England favorites. We made conversation with the people around us, staring at plates of food as we moved through the line, and strategized our meal. Since there were so many amazing options, we agreed that sharing is caring to increase the items we could all try.


After almost an hour in line, we finally made it to the ordering counter. We decided on the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Worthy Poutine, and Sauteed Green Beans.


An employee set aside a table for us as we waited for the food to come out roughly twenty minutes later, teased by each employee wizing by with full plates for other customers.

And then our lucky tray settled down at our table – a beautiful display of food!


Buttermilk Fried Chicken – with cornbread waffles, caramelized onion, gravy, Bayley Hazen blue cheese, sweet potato buffalo sauce, and Vermont maple syrup

Definitely no words for this one-  it was perfect. The chicken had a thick, and crispy batter and the meat was juicy and moist. The cornbread waffles were just delightful – I cannot remember the last time I had waffles! And each of the dipping sauces made for different flavors with each bite. My favorite was definitely the simple and classic Vermont maple syrup. It was hard to believe this was a new addition to the menu because it felt like they had been cranking these out for years.


Worthy Poutine – fries smothered with caramelized onion gravy, topped with cheddar curds and chives

Oh man, there is nothing like a warm plate of gravy fries! This gravy was thick, intense, wonderfully flavorful. Fries were not soggy and kept up with the gravy. And of course those delightful cheese curds were just starting to melt – the perfect consistency. Once again, this was hard to believe it was a new menu item.


Sauteed Green Beans – with shallots, garlic and buttermilk

This dish was just ok. Unfortunately it did not hit the mark the other two dishes did. We were hoping for something more flavorful with the shallots and garlic, using the buttermilk to balance the intensity, but it was lacking. We have had some fantastic green been dishes in our food journey (like Red Ginger Dimsum) so don’t think it is because we ordered green beans – cause I know some of you think that. This is an easy dish to enhance as the ingredient profile is on track, just need to not water down the flavors.


Wow, what an amazing find! We loved our meal and experience at Worthy Kitchen, even if it meant waiting over an hour from start of the line to eating. Worth the wait Worthy Kitchen (get it?).  Definitely stop here if you are wandering in the area.

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