Rough Draft: 5 Day Itinerary for Vancouver, BC – Canada

Rough Draft: 5 Day Itinerary for Vancouver, BC – Canada

April 2020

Rough Draft: Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada

Due to the COVID quarantine, I am creating rough draft, “off the shelf” travel itineraries for when travel resumes normal operations so we do not waste any time getting out and exploring!

Vancouver has been high on our list for awhile but we just haven’t been able to squeeze it in. I had this marked for 2020 in the summer time for Kevin’s birthday – fingers crossed we can make that happen!

Our Beer Christmas Boston turned San Diego Sunshine friends incorporated a stop in Vancouver on their west coast two week road trip and not only had great things to say about it, but Victoria on Vancouver Island as well. So when looking to build the trip, I wanted to hit all the outdoor activities (so much hiking!) and downtown scene in Vancouver but also make time for an overnight in Victoria.

What is there to do?

If you enjoy the outdoors there really is endless things to do!

  • The land of suspension bridges
    • There are so many suspension bridges in the Vancouver area! But one question I am hoping you can help me with. Is Capilano Suspension Bridge really worth the $60 a person? There seem to be a ton of free or little charge suspension bridges in the area (Lynn Canyon Park, Sea to Sky Gondola) that I am unsure if it’s worth the steep price. Let me know your thoughts if you have been!
  • Make sure to include time to simply enjoy downtown Vancouver!
  • Take the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island for a day trip or overnight
  • Have some cash to burn? Work in this glacier kayaking adventure during the summer months for the most epic photos.

Where to eat?

As always, I am blown away by the food scene in Vancouver. Way to many places to try for a five day trip. From simple eats to gourmet dining, you can structure your meal plan to your taste without missing a beat.

Flights are looking fantastic so once COVID quarantine is over, this will be one of the first trips we look to book. Most of our west coast trips have been very doable with five days allocated so that is the amount of time I dedicated to this itinerary.

Day 0Arrive in Vancouver

Ferry to Victoria

The Butchart Gardens
Day 1Explore downtown
Fisherman’s Wharf Beacon Hill Park Holland Point Park 
Pendray’s Tea Room
Little Jumbo
Church & State Winery  
Devine Winery
Elks Lake
Drake Eatery
Ferry to Vancouver
Day 2Capilano Suspension Bridge (but $60 a person???)  
Grouse Mountain
Lynn Canyon Park (free suspension bridge!)
Jam Cafe 
L’Attoir or Osteria Savio Volpe (fancy dinner night)
Day 3Kitsilano Beach  
Granville Island Public Market 
Stanley Park 
A Bread Affair  
Peaked Pies (NZ throwback!)
Day 4 Sea to Sky Gondola   
Shannon Falls 
Estuary Chelem Trail / Squamish Windsports Society
Zephyr Cafe
Tuc Craft Kitchen
Day 5Botanical Gardens
Beer Tour – there are a TON of breweries! 
  • Brassneck Brewery  
  • Postmark Brewing
  • Strathcona Beer Company
  • Powell Brewery
  • Andina Brewing Company 
  • Parallel 49 Brewing 

Anh and Chi 

Earnest Ice Cream 


Other places of interest:

  • 49th Parallel – coffee and donuts
  • Cartems – coffee and donuts
  • Revolver – coffee 
  • Timbertrain – coffee
  • The Flying Pig – bar
  • Clough Club- bar
  • Lamplighter Public House – bar
  • The Diamond- cocktails
  • Purebread – bakery
  • Terra Breads – bakery

If you have been to Vancouver, let me know what I missed and what your favorites are!

We got the chance to visit Vancouver and put this itinerary to use – see all the details of our trip here!

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4 thoughts on “Rough Draft: 5 Day Itinerary for Vancouver, BC – Canada”

  • We had a chance to visit Vancouver many years ago but as it was a very short stay, I always felt the need to return for more. Love your Vancouver itinerary to bits! I know that paying 60 Canadian dollars to visit Capilano Suspension bridge seems a lot, but it’s so worth it. You can easily spend the whole day there exploring and taking in the sights. Thanks for sharing. Fingers crossed this crazy pandemic comes to an end soon and we’ll be able to travel again. Aiva 😊

    • Thank you Aiva for your comment! Happy to hear the price is worth admission for the Capilano Suspension bridge! Fingers crossed as well that we will all be traveling again soon!

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