How to Travel Blog during COVID

April 2020

How to Travel Blog during COVID

After having three trips canceled by COVID, it made me question what 2020 travel would look like. When everything is “safe” again, will things resume right away or will it take time? Airlines have stripped away a large percentage of flight routes so will that all at once resume full capacity? Will COVID come back because we aggressively socialize and travel after being cooped up for so long? How do I travel blog during a quarantine?

The answers are unclear for 2020 but one thing is that travel operations will one day reach a state of normalcy, perhaps with more attention to cleaning and hand hygiene which benefits everyone. I am starting my “COVID Creations Series” for when that glorious day comes.

I am a firm believer in only writing about trips and experiences I planned and experienced. But not knowing when the day will come when we can travel again, I found myself exploring potential destinations, day dreaming about various trips. But I will not have the luxury of time to plan a full trip when COVID (hopefully) resolves itself – I want to be ready to go as soon as we can. These “rough draft” itineraries will be “off the shelf” ready to go trips!

These itineraries will be completely planned by me using the trip planning tools I always start with. I won’t be able to speak to specifics in terms of reviews or recommendations but these itineraries will reflect exactly what I anticipate doing if we were going tomorrow. How we travel and plan may not be how you want to so feel free to mix and match to create the itinerary that works for you.

I absolutely love trip planning so I cannot think of a better way to spend the time at home. This will give me and you lots of places to keep us looking forward. Don’t forget to keep an eye on flight prices – you never know what destination or when the price may be unbeatable! I reached out on social media for places you want itineraries for but feel free to keep adding to the list in the comments below. Don’t forget I have tons of itineraries from all our travels you can explore now!

I am hoping to get these out to you on a once a week basis – you will see the first edition next Wednesday.

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