The Walt Disney World Progressive Dining Craze

The Walt Disney World Progressive Dining Craze

The Walt Disney World Progressive Dining Craze

It is funny seeing advertising about “progressive dining” at Disney offering a set menu at each resort around the monorail loop for a whopping $170. In true fashion, Disney monetizing off of a trend that has been occurring for years. We have always found ourselves “progressive dining” frequently when visiting Disney World as it gives us the opportunity to eat at multiple places. It is always a win-win to have our favorite dishes from different dining locations in one meal.

Where can you experience progressive dining?

Most dining locations are in close proximity so progressive meals can be experienced almost anywhere on Disney property! Both inside and outside of the theme parks, there are options that allow exploration of different dining settings for one meal. Our Disney trips are typically short so this allows us to get our favorite dishes since we do not have time to eat at every dining location for a full meal.

Who is progressive dining good for?

Those that have the time to devote the experience and want to do it. For those Disney foodies out there that want to try as many dishes as possible and would rather eat than be on rides, then this is for you! This is not the easiest nor is it the most time efficient way to dine. This may also be more challenging with larger groups where moving as a unit may be a task all onto itself.

Quick service versus table service experiences?

We have done progressive dining with both styles of meals. Quick service is certainly the easier of the two as it takes the element of reservations or relying on availability out of the equation. That being said, we have utilized lounge and bar seating at the table service locations with good success. There have also been occasions where the lounge or bar area has been full and instead moved to a quick service location.

Don’t forget…

  • To take advantage of splitting or sharing dishes – double the fun and half the stomach space
  • You can always mix and match your favorite quick service and table service options to create the perfect progressive dining experience for you
  • The bar and lounge options are often forgotten availability at signature dining locations

Disney Springs


With the highest density of dining options in one spot, this is an obvious and ideal choice to have multiple meals with so many good restaurants to choose from. Locations can be mixed and match to create a different progressive dining experience over and over again. In addition to the restaurants, there are also the food trucks and bars that all offer great food. A fun aspect about Disney Springs is that several restaurants offer dine in or to-go options allowing for flexibility including Wine Bar George, Morimoto Asia, Jaleo, Reglan Road, and Wolfgang Puck. With so much to chose from, you cannot go wrong with any way you choreograph your progressive dining experience.

Quick Service: There is Daily Poutine for the Canadian delicacy of poutine – fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Swing by Chicken Guy and grab some chicken tenders and sauces to create your favorite combination (and also an affordable option). Finally, stop at Sprinkles to round out the evening for your sweet tooth with cupcake and ice cream offerings.

Tablet Service: Morimoto Asia is known for their popular spare ribs so this is a great place to start. Continue to Homecoming and split a chicken platter or order any of the other chicken based dishes for that battered goodness. One peak inside Amorette’s Patisserie and it feels a fancy sit down so enjoy one of their artful delights.



Probably the originator of the progressive dining craze –  all the festivals promote eating many small portioned dishes to serve as a meal (or two!). The festivals make it easy to pick your favorites or try new things to create a full meal. Word of the wise – these items do add up quick so set a budget or item limit ahead of time if needed. This alternative to dining also offers alcoholic beverages – beer, wine and cocktails – which is not common at quick service establishments. While drinking around the world is very popular, eating around the world is a way better option for foodies.

Quick Service: Best bet here is to wait for a festival (not many weeks of the year anymore without one!)

Table Service: Far into Italy’s pavilion is Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar and this is one of our favorite hiding spots. While there are many choices for wine and cheese, you can get the full Tutto Italia menu here as well. A few countries away at Rose & Crown, grab fish and chips with another good opportunity to split the large portion size (fish here is better quality than the one at the outside stand. An easy dessert favorite at World Showcase is at France’s L’Artisan des Glaces or Les Halles for an overwhelming amount of deliciousness. Yes, technically quick service but these cannot be missed on the dessert trail. 



In my opinion, the most romantic area for a progressive dining experience. The crowds around here are always low, evenings at the Boardwalk are wonderful and you are always close to nighttime fireworks at either park. Plus, walking from resort to resort allows for digestion between courses. There are five resorts around the boardwalk loop with a variety of dining options, including four lounges between the Swan and Dolphin alone (Il Mulino, Kimonos, Shula’s, Bluezoo).

Quick Service: I would opt for the Epcot Quick Service option here as there are not a ton of great options to make several stops – wait for a festival!

Table Service: Start at the Flying Fish for that mouth watering pork belly appetizer. There is generous seating at the bar with entertaining servers making this stop a fun experience. Walk over to the Swan where Il Mulino is highly rated – order one of there many pasta dishes. No trip around the boardwalk loop would be complete without a stop at the Beach Club’s Beach and Creams for any ice cream sundae you can imagine.  

Monorail Loop 


Definitely our favorite place to progressively dine and I know we are not alone since it is now monetized by Disney! Hop aboard the monorail and visit each of the resorts all while keeping Magic Kingdom in your line of site. We even like to walk from the Polynesian to the Grand Floridan – it is so peaceful! Finish off the evening by watching the fireworks from your favorite resort.

Quick Service : (Ironically, similar recommendations to The Dis Vlog!) At the Polynesian, stop by Captain Cook’s for the Thai Coconut Meatballs. There is also sushi options upstairs at Kona Island if Captain Cook’s doesn’t appeal to you. Next stop on the monorail loop over at the Grand Floridan order a Create-Your-Own Salad at Gasparilla Island Grill as it offers a great value and healthy option. Finally, jump on the cupcake bandwagon for specialty cupcakes over at Contempo Cafe. If you prefer, you can always ride the monorail another time to grab a Dole Whip back at the Polynesian.

Table Service: California Grill at the Contemporary has seating available in a lounge / bar area with the full menu available. Appetizers here are just as outstanding as the entrees. Grab sushi, my personal favorite Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli, or any of their other seasonal dishes. Since there is the chance of California Grill’s lounge area being full, go downstairs to The Wave for an updated tasty menu (I haven’t tried it myself but I hear the praise of the Bacon and Eggs). Over at the Polynesian, head downstairs to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. Inside seating is limited but there is plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the same menu. Finally at the Grand Floridian, Cirticos has a bar area with nice options for dessert. Depending on the time you are landing for dessert, seating at any of the three resorts is going to be a challenge due to firework viewing so keep this in mind.

These are just a few of the ways you can create a progressive dining experience. There are so many combinations to make the perfect meal for you. What is your favorite trio for progressive dining? 

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