Soccer at Camp Nou

Camp Nou- Barcelona, Spain

Seeing a proper soccer game has been on our European wish list so we were thrilled to find a home game on our trip to Barcelona!

On the day we arrived in Barcelona, the highlight of our evening was our tickets to the FC Barcelona game and Camp Nou against Celta Vigo. After disembarking from the metro, we had an easy time following the Barcelona decked throngs of people to find the stadium. We came prepared with FC Barcelona scarfs which helped given the drop in temperature that evening, but there are plenty of vendors if you wanted to buy gear there.



The stadium is unbelievably gigantic with a capacity of almost 100,000 people making it the largest stadium in Europe and the third largest futbol stadium in the world. It took us at least twenty minutes from the access points closest to the metro just to get to our seats. No photo will do the justice of showcasing how large this stadium really is. 

Our tickets were very inexpensive at 19 euro and afforded us a great view of the game near the goal close to the die hard fans. As the game began, we enjoyed the atmosphere of the fans and listening to the chants. Many people had the “llibertat” signs that were held up several times during the game giving us a glimpse at the active political strife in the region.


We were happy to watch a 5-0 victory for FC Barcelona and feel fortunate we got to witness all the excitement of the sport (with none of the disappointment! A rare occurrence as a Philadelphia sports fan). Watch some clips of the cheering  and chanting at my instagram.


 We really enjoyed our first futbol game experience! The ambiance was electric and we constantly had a smile on our faces. For the eager fan, Camp Nou has numerous tours that showcase the stadium and victories of FC Barcelona, as well as a museum. While we did not have time on this trip, it is certainly something to consider while building a Barcelona itinerary!


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