Sea Plane over Lake Como

Sea Plane over Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy

An easy train ride from from Milan is the beautiful area of Lake Como– a day trip I highly recommend if staying in Milan.

Our first activity of the day was at the Aero Club Como for our 9:30AM seaplane ride across Lake Como. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this since it was not well advertised and many friends who have been to this area did not know it existed. We could not imagine what the view from above would look like since we were so impressed with the view from the ground already- huge mountains covered top to bottom with green, vibrant trees with little clusters of homes and buildings right above the vast blue water. Even with all the activity in the water (birds, fish, plains, ships, etc) it was so large that most of the water remained entirely still and glistened from the sun.


Our pilot, Matthew, gave us the all clear to get in the plane- I had to sit in the back and Kevin sat in the front- we had to keep the plane balanced! We “drove”/”sailed” on the water and taxed for a few minutes before taking off from the water. The views were nothing short of absolutely stunning. The lake was much more massive then I expected- every time we made a turn around an area, another valley appeared. We flew past two large villas (Balbenello and Carollota) along with several town that hugged the lake, until we hit Bellagio. At that point, you can look north and see the bare Alps and their rocky, pointy tops. After flying over Bellagio, we turned around to get a second glimpse at everything. While the way there was a lot of picture taking, the way back was focused on taking it all in.  I am so happy we got the chance to experience this- one of the most memorable parts of the trip.




After this incredible experience, we took a boat ride to explore the towns nestled in between the mountains.

Read about the rest of the day at Lake Como and the entire Italy trip.

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